Free Government Smartphones [Best Service Providers]

A Smartphone has become an essential thing these days which helps you with staying contacted with your loved ones anywhere around the world. You can even study with this device without going to school or college or you can attend online meetings or apply for a job. However, there are many poor people, including homeless, veterans, sick, injured and those who have less income and can’t afford to get a phone.

For such people, there are free government smartphones given through the two government programs, Lifeline Assistance and ACP. To learn about the free smartphone providers, eligibility criteria, and how to get the free smartphone from government, read this article at Free iPhone through the end.

Can You Get Free Government Smartphones?

Fortunately, yes, you can get a free smartphone from the government. There are two amazing government programs: Lifeline Assistance and ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program). These programs are launched to make technology accessible to people by giving them free smartphones and affordable or free phone services.

Free Government Smartphones

These two programs are connected with many big companies in the world of wireless phone services and smartphones. Those companies are funded by the government through these two programs to provide free smartphones to people. If you meet their criteria, you can get a free smartphone and then use it however you want. Many fully funded programs offer free government grants such as iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Tablets, Laptops, Housing etc to the following eligible applicants:

  • Low income families / individuals
  • Unemployed / Job Seekers
  • Single Mothers with no income
  • Senior Citizens
  • Students
  • Homeless
  • Disabled
  • You or your child or dependent is a part of government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC etc
  • You or your household receiving Lifeline benefit

Why does the Government offer free smartphones?

Some people wonder why the government offers Free Government Smartphones and what are the benefits to the economy behind this initiative. These phones are being offered to the deserving people for the following reasons:

  • Promoting equality by ensuring low-income people can access online services and information.
  • The ability to quickly disseminate information to the public during emergencies, as well as enhance disaster management.
  • Helping students in areas with limited educational infrastructure access online learning resources and participate in remote classes, ensuring continuous learning.
  • Improve public health outreach, especially in rural or underserved areas, by providing healthcare services, telemedicine consultations, and health info to citizens.
  • Fostering employment opportunities by letting people search for jobs, apply, and take online training programs, empowering the workforce and reducing unemployment.
  • Streamlining administrative processes and enhancing citizen-government interactions by letting citizens access government portals, submit documents, and get benefits.

Does the government give new smartphones?

Some governments give people new phones and some of them offers old or refurbished. They do it as part of social welfare schemes or to encourage digital literacy and access to information. This is all about promoting inclusivity and improving people’s lives by providing affordable access to the Internet and other online services. It depends on the country and government policy whether such schemes exist.

If you like to have a 5G device and wondering how is offering free 5G phones, you can apply for a Free 5G Government Phones through the top providers.

What smartphones do you get free from the government?

The smartphones that you get free from the government vary according to the providers you’re getting them from. As mentioned above, government programs work with different companies to provide free phones. So, it depends on them what phone you’re going to get, but usually, you get the following smartphones:

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
  • Motorola Moto G Pure
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone SE (2022)
  • LG K42
  • Alcatel ONYX

Are there Government iPhone 13, 14 or 15 smartphones?

No, there aren’t any government iPhone 14, 15 or any other latest model of the iPhones being offered by anyone besides ACP & Lifeline. The government usually doesn’t provide this expensive phone to people as they have millions of people to serve with the limited budget they have. It mostly depends on the provider and phone availability so you have to check with the provider by contacting them directly through the email or by visiting their website.

It’s important to note that the Lifeline Assistance and ACP programs aim to offer basic Free Government Smartphones model rather than the latest or high-end models like iPhone 13, 14, or 15. The phones provided are generally simple, functional devices that allow individuals to make calls, send text messages, and access the internet for essential services.

I have seen applicants getting a Free Government iPhone 15 through ACP but commonly they provide a cheaper phones due to the large number of applicant and low budget.

Can anyone get Free Government Phones?

Government Free Smartphones

Absolutely not: If you can afford to get your own phone, sorry, you won’t get a free government phone. The Free Government Smartphones are only for those people who are homeless, poor, veterans, injured or the ones who have either low income or who are jobless. 

The government has made criteria for both lifeline assistance and ACP, which, if you meet, only then the free smartphones will be provided to you. You’ll be rejected if you don’t. What are the Criteria, though?

Eligibility Criteria of Lifeline Assistance and ACP:

Although there isn’t so much difference between the criteria of these two programs, I’d like to mention them separately so that you can even know about the little difference between each. Remember, the criteria may be different depending on the providers. 

Lifeline assistance:

  • – The applicant must participate in any federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), or others.
  • – The applicant’s household income must be at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • – The applicant must have yet to receive a Lifeline discount from any other provider in the current year.


  • Applicants must live in California and have a California address.
  • A valid California ID or driver’s license is required.
  • An applicant’s household income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty line.
  • The applicant needs to receive an ACP discount from another provider in the last year.

If you meet that criteria, then congratulations. Let me tell you about all the best carriers and providers funded by the government. These are the providers you’ll be getting your free smartphone from.

Best Free Government Phone Providers:

Many mobile phone companies are into selling phones or phone services that Lifeline Assistance and ACP work with to give you Free Government Smartphones. I’m now going to tell you about all of these free smartphone providers that participate in these two government programs because they’re the ones that will send you a free phone.

Free Smartphones from Government

Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless, as you can guess by its name, is a wireless phone service provider. This company is linked with government programs because it provides free smartphones to people from Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, and Oklahoma. You can also apply for a Free Government iPhone 14 Pro Max which is one of the best cellphone by the Apple inc.

Along with the free smartphone, this company will also give you free talktime, text messages and data, so you don’t have to pay for them. If you want to upgrade your cell phone service packages, then you can simply ask Assist Wireless, pay them a little extra fee, and your plans will be upgraded. Sounds interesting?

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a US cell phone service covering 40 states, known for its affordable talktime, texts, and data. It participates in the Lifeline government program, providing free smartphones in all 40 states. 

The criteria for getting a phone are the same as government programs. You can upgrade the phone or get cell phone services, some of which are free with the smartphone. It’ll cost you if you want a new phone.

Cintex Wireless

If you meet the criteria of the Lifeline or ACP program and you live in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, then Cintex Wireless is your way to go. 

This is a regional cell phone service provider that offers you free cell phone services like unlimited talktime, text message and data, along with a free government smartphone. If you want to call internationally, this company also provides that service. You can get that if you pay a little extra.

Copper Valley Wireless

Have you heard of Copper Valley Wireless? They’re a regional provider in Alaska that offers free Lifeline services to eligible customers. Get Free Government Smartphones, unlimited talk and text, and data plans if you qualify! 

They’re also great for international calling plans and free voicemail services. Low-income Alaskans get reliable and affordable services from them.

Easy Wireless

If you live in Oklahoma and need a free phone service, Easy Wireless might be the one for you. 

You get a free smartphone, unlimited talk and text, and data. There’s also a low price for international calls. All you need to do is to qualify for the Lifeline program.

enTouch Wireless

enTouch Wireless is a nationwide provider that offers free phone service to low-income customers. Free smartphone, unlimited talk and text, and data plans. It’s also cheap to call internationally. To qualify for the Lifeline program, you just have to live in one of their 30+ states.

FeelSafe Wireless

FeelSafe Wireless is a provider that serves four states: Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, and West Virginia. They offer free phone service to eligible customers. Get a free smartphone, unlimited talk, text, and data. 


GCI is a provider that specializes in Alaska. They offer free phone service to eligible customers in the state. You can get Free Government Smartphones, unlimited talk and text, and data plans. If your loved ones live in foreign countries, you can also call them by getting an international calling package from this carrier. Don’t worry, the price of the package will be affordable. 

Infiniti Mobile

Infiniti Mobile is a provider that serves two states: Maryland and Texas. They offer free phone service to eligible customers. You can get a free smartphone, unlimited talk and text, and data plans. The international calling package is also available on this program that you can activate on your contact number at a cheaper price.

Life Wireless

Life Wireless is just like Assist Wireless, an affordable cell phone service provider providing services in over 30 states of America. Lifeline and ACP federal programs work with this company to provide free government smartphones to those in need.

If you have some money and you’re willing to get an international calling package as well, along with the free unlimited talktime, text messages and data it provides, then you can also do that with life wireless. Thus, they provide amazing Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything for low income families, unemployed/jobless, students, senior, disabled and single mothers.

NewPhone Wireless

NewPhone Wireless is a regional provider that offers free Lifeline services to eligible customers in Georgia and Oklahoma. They provide Free Government Smartphones, unlimited talk and text, and data plans to qualified applicants. 

The company offers other phone services as well, like affordable mobile data, international calling, text messages and talktime. So, you don’t need to go somewhere else to get the packages, as NewPhone Wireless has got you covered.

Q Link Wireless:

Q Link Wireless is one of the prominent government smartphone providers, offering free cell phone service to eligible customers. With Q Link, users receive a basic smartphone and free talk, text, and data every month. 

Access Wireless:

For people who need government-sponsored phone services, Access Wireless can be another good choice. With Access Wireless, eligible customers are provided with a free phone and a fixed amount of minutes and text messages every month. The company places a high value on simplicity, ensuring that users can stay in touch with their loved ones without any hassles. Users looking for simple communication solutions find them to be a popular choice due to their easy-to-use devices and straightforward plans.


With a commitment to donating smartphones for free to low-income individuals, Life Wireless stands out for its commitment to providing decent talk, text, and data allowances to its customers. 

It is the commitment of Life Wireless to bridge the digital divide that makes it attractive to those who desire access to essential online services and to stay in touch with family and friends.

TAG Mobile:

It offers government-subsidized smartphones with free monthly minutes and texts to qualified customers in return for a government subsidy. As a result of TAG Mobile’s service, users can make calls and send messages without worrying about the cost, designed to provide convenience and accessibility. 


Government smartphone provider TruConnect provides a variety of plans that cater to different user requirements. They are known for offering free talk, text, and data to qualified users. 

Having various plans available means that TruConnect is flexible enough to provide users with the communication options that best suit their needs. As a result of their emphasis on customer choice and service quality, they have become an extremely popular choice among users. You can also apply for a Free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max which has amazing camera, processor and display.

EnTouch Wireless:

EnTouch Wireless offers free government smartphones with limited monthly minutes and texts to eligible individuals. The company prides itself on the user-friendly approach of its service and its reliable network coverage. 

The goal of this company is to offer users essential communication services without complicating the process, making it much easier for users to stay connected to their contacts.

StandUp Wireless:

The StandUp Wireless company gives qualified people free phones and monthly service for qualifying customers. StandUp Wireless is unique in that it supports social causes with each activation of its service. By using StandUp Wireless, you don’t just get free phone service, you contribute to community initiatives as well.

Terracom Wireless:

Terracom Wireless provides government-subsidized smartphones with a few minutes and texts each month. They focus on affordability and accessibility, ensuring eligible users can enjoy basic phone services without any financial burden. 

SafetyNet Wireless:

You can get essential talk, text, and data for free on your smartphone with SafetyNet Wireless. Additionally, SafetyNet Wireless prioritizes helping users with any issues, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone. 

The unique feature of SafetyNet Wireless is that it offers extra features that make it even better than the competition. Also, they might offer extras like international calling options, making the experience better.

These are all of the best free government providers of Lifeline assistance and ACP programs. No one can go for any of these. However, what about getting a free smartphone government from these providers? To do that, keep reading:

How to get free government smartphones?

To get a free smartphone from any of the providers mentioned above, whether participating in Lifeline, ACP or both, you’ll be following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Check your Eligibility:

  • You must be eligible for either of the programs, ACP or Lifeline, to get a free smartphone from any provider. So go to the official websites of both of the programs and then read out their criteria. Then, check if you meet that criteria or not. 

Step 2: Choose a Provider 

  • Once you’re sure that you meet the criteria, you’ll get a list of the providers on the websites of Lifeline or ACP programs. Choose the provider you want to get the phone from or the one that meets your requirements. 

Step 3: Apply for the Program 

  • To apply for the Lifeline or ACP program, you must fill out an application with your chosen provider. This application will ask for your personal information, including your name, address, and income or assistance program status.

Step 4: Provide Proof of Eligibility 

  • You’ll need to provide proof of your eligibility for the Lifeline or ACP program. This may include a copy of your tax return, pay stubs, or documentation of your participation in a government assistance program.

Step 5: Choose a Smartphone 

  • Now, when your option gets approved, you then have the option to choose a phone for yourself. You can choose whichever phone you want from the available phone on the provider. Although the options won’t be many, there will be some good options out of which you can choose the one that feels good to your heart.

Step 6: Activate and enjoy your phone: 

  • After receiving the phone, it’s time activate it. The process of activating the phone will vary depending on its model. After activating the phone, you can then enjoy it and use it for the thing that you want it for. 

That’s how you can get a free smartphone from the government. 

What to do after Getting a Free Smartphone?

Now, after receiving the phone, make sure you confirm your eligibility by the provider you got it from, as it is compulsory. Some providers have a rule that the user who got new Free Government Smartphones has to confirm every single year that they’re eligible for the program. 

You need to do that as a responsible person. If your circumstances get better and you no longer meet the criteria, then you should tell the providers. They’ll then tell you what you have to do. Now, let’s talk about some affordable connectivity programs:

Affordable Connectivity Program:

Although you’ll get free cell phone services like unlimited talk-time, text messages and data with your free smartphone, that will end after a certain time period, then you’ll have to get paid cell phone services. To ensure that you get affordable services, I’ve mentioned the following companies that you can go for.

affordable connectivity program website
  • Red Pocket: Red Pocket is an MVNO that uses AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon networks. Its $30 plan offers 20GB of high-speed data & unlimited talk and text. A mobile hotspot is available.
  • Boost Mobile: Boost Mobile is a prepaid MVNO on the Sprint network. The $25/month plan includes 30GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text. A mobile hotspot is available.
  • Twigby: Twigby is a prepaid MVNO that uses the Verizon network. The $16/month plan includes 8GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text. A mobile hotspot is available.
  • Gen Mobile: Gen Mobile is a prepaid MVNO on the T-Mobile network. The $25/month plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, with data speeds slowed after 5GB. Mobile hotspot is available.


Who can get Free Government Smartphones?

If you are wondering who is offering free phone and how you can get these free smartphones from government, you need to check your eligibility through the criteria mentioned above which will determine either you can get a free cellphone or not.

Can I get free iPhone Government Phone?

Yes, ACP and Lifeline Assistance Program offers Free iPhone government phones such as free government iPhone 7and 8 Plus to the eligible low income families.

Final Words:

Thanks to the government, they’ve launched Lifeline assistance and ACP programs to give people free government smartphones. Not having a smartphone prevents you from grabbing many opportunities in your life that you could grow with. Furthermore, when you don’t have a smartphone, you can’t stay in touch with your loved ones. So, the government has indeed solved this problem with these two programs.

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