How To Get A Free MacBook? (9 Best Methods)

Everybody wants to switch to MacBooks due to their amazing and premium aesthetics, good battery life and great speed and colours. However, that’s the fact that MacBooks are very expensive. A normal person, especially a student from a middle-class family with no job, can’t even think about buying a MacBook that costs thousands of dollars. So, how to get a free MacBook with AirPods?

Some methods may help you get a free government MacBook through different programs and providers. At Free iPhones I’ll be revealing all of those methods to you about how to get a Free Apple MacBook such as MacBook Air M2, MacBook Pro 13-inc, MacBook Pro 14-inch or MacBook Pro 16-inch. Just ensure you read this article from start to the end.

Is It Possible To Get A Free MacBook?

Setting high expectations in this regard, I guess, might not be a good choice. Although it’s possible to get a MacBook for free by many methods just because it’s possible, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. 

How To Get A Free MacBook

Getting a free MacBook is quite difficult and nearly impossible. Trust me. Because MacBooks are very expensive, especially their latest models that cost thousands of dollars. So, usually, it isn’t easy to get a MacBook for free. You can also apply for the Low income Housing With No Waiting list if you are struggling with getting a house with less money.

However, there are some methods I’ll be telling you about in this article that you can give a shot to get a MacBook for free. But firstly, does Apple offer free apple MacBooks?

Does Apple Offer Free MacBooks?

No, Apple doesn’t offer MacBooks for free to their customers. To get a MacBook from Apple, you need to pay them the money through their store.

If you don’t have the money, then it’s not possible to get a free MacBook from the Apple store. However, there are some third-party sellers whom you can contact and get a MacBook at an affordable price compared to the original prices of Apple stores. 

Free MacBook

Does the Government offer a MacBook for Free?

No, Even the government doesn’t offer a Free AirPods with MacBook. Although the two biggest government programs include Lifeline assistance and ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program), they don’t provide free of cost MacBooks. They do provide free phones that include old models of iPhones as well as iPads, but unfortunately, not MatchBook. 

It’s because, as I’ve stated above, the MacBook is pricey, and government programs usually have a limited budget with which they have to help millions of people. Thus, they try to give as few expensive devices as possible. Now the question is, how to get a free MacBook? Let me reveal some methods to you.

How To Get A MacBook for Free?

It’s now time for me to walk you through all of the possible methods of getting a MacBook for free. But again, I’d like to remind you that it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a MacBook for free.  Therefore, go for each method without having unrealistic expectations, as these methods may or may not work for you to get a free brand new MacBook.

1) MacBook Giveaways and Contests

Many amazing websites organise giveaways and contests that you can take part in. If you win the giveaways or the contests, you get a MacBook for free. There are too many on Google. You can simply search ”Macbook giveaways 2023,” and there will be tons of different websites offering Macbook giveaways. 

Just make sure that you’re not stumbling upon a site that is not secure or not legitimate. You can do so by reading the reviews of the people, if there are any, reading the site descriptions or homepage or checking the sites’ authority in tools like the free Ahref site authority checker. 

2) Apple’s Beta Testing:

The other best method to get a free Macbook is joining Apple’s beta testing program. In its beta testing, all new applications and software are given to the users to test and give feedback about them. This beta testing is done before launching software so that any bugs or issues can be fixed before the launch.  

Some years ago, there were times when Apple gave a free government MacBook to the participants of the beta testing. But unfortunately, currently, Apple isn’t giving out free apple MacBooks to the testers. But stay in touch and see what testers are getting in its beta testing. If you see any MacBook available, participate in the program. 

3) Third Party’s Beta Testing Programs:

Like Apple’s beta testing, there are tests of other companies. These are third-party companies that sell Apple MacBooks and other laptops. To ensure that their products are working smoothly, they give out them in their beta testing programs so that people can check them and give their feedback. 

You can participate in these programs and may expect to get a free MacBook from them. Again, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll only give you the MacBook in their testing. Check before applying, and if they’re giving out a free of cost MacBook, then participate in the program.

4) Apple Scholar Programs

As a graduate and postgraduate student, you can get a Macbook, iPhone and even iPad free from Apple Scholar programs. Apple, in its scholar program, does give out free of its devices to high school senior students. 

But, this program is only for the seniors, not for the students studying in schools. To apply for this program, you can make your way to Safari or any of your browsers and type in the search bar “Apple Scholars.” To get a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, visit Apple’s education/higher education site, scroll down to “Education,” and select your region. Apply.

5) Use your Influence on Social media:

If you’re an influencer with a good fanbase on social media and wondering how to get a MacBook Pro for Free, you can get a free MacBook Pro of 13 inches. Apple works with different social media stars to do their promotions and then gives them devices and money. If you have a good follower base, you can reach out to Apple and ask them for collaboration. 

6) Apple’s Trade-in Program

Apple’s Trade is the best Apple program that allows you to exchange your old MacBooks with a new one from Apple. This program is the best for people with good-working Mack books that they want to upgrade. 

However, if your MacBook is damaged in any way or has any structural fault, then it won’t be exchanged for a new one. To ensure that your device is exchangeable, Apple’s trade-in platform has criteria that you need to meet. To check your eligibility, go to your web browser and type “” in the address bar. Then, click on Enter.

There will be values mentioned on the website. Select the value of your MacBook honestly, depending on its condition. Then, you’ll have to add the device’s purchase year and configuration. Apple will then check your MacBook and give you its value, depending on how much it deserves. With that money, you can get a new MacBook by adding a little extra money.

7) Try MacBook Service Providers

Many service providers give out their MacBooks for free to their new customers to satisfy them. However, they give you a MacBook for a short period, like 20 to 25 days. Thus, this is the best method to get a MacBook for those people who need a MacBook for a month or some days. To find such service providers, look into your local market, and when you find any, go to them and talk.

8) Participate Apple’s Affiliate Programs 

If you own a website with over 200 Apple product enthusiasts visiting, you can potentially get free Airpods with MacBook. All you need to do is become an affiliate partner with Apple or other legitimate companies selling Apple devices. 

They typically offer free Mac laptops to their affiliates. However, be cautious and check for additional fees to join the program. Avoid companies asking for extra payments, as they might be scams.

9) Product Review Sites

Many product review sites give free products to people to get their reviews. You can contact these sites and see if they have any MacBooks for review. If you find any, contact the website and tell them to send you the MacBook to review. 

They’ll surely do it if they want to. I’m listing some of the best websites that you can consider making your way to.

  • Vindale Research
  • Influenster
  • Product Testing USA

Other than this source to get a free government MacBook, there are some of the best organisations that can also give you a free MacBook. Let’s talk about them now.

Best Organisations To Get Free Government MacBook:

Free Government MacBook
Free Government MacBook

Some amazing nonprofit organisations can give you a free MacBook.   Just remember one thing. These organisations don’t guarantee a MacBook. You can get any laptop from them, so be mentally prepared to get any other model than Macbook.

With Causes Charitable Organisation:

The first charitable organisation that you may also know of is With Causes Charitable organisation. This organist takes donations from people not only with their money but also with their old devices, such as MacBooks, tablets and phones, if they want to donate them. After getting these devices, they give them out for free to the students who can’t afford them. So, you can apply to a charitable organisation and expect to get a MacBook from it.

Computers with Causes:

Computers with Causes is another non-profit organisation that gives out refurbished computers and laptops to needy people. They sometimes also give out free apple MacBooks. So, you can apply for this organisation as well.

Dell Scholars Program:

If you’re okay with getting a Dell laptop and financial help with your overall education, then you should consider the Dell Scholars program. This is a scholarship program by Dell, which is a well-known computer and laptop company. This company helps needy students with their education, but they must meet their criteria.

Laptops 4 Learning (L4L):

Students and veterans get essential laptops from Laptops 4 Learning (L4L), which embodies accessibility. The nonprofit refurbishes and distributes donated laptops, making education and future opportunities more accessible. To apply online, you must do a need assessment and background check. It’s not guaranteed that the laptop they’ll give you is a MacBook.

These are all of the best non-profit organizations that give you free government MacBooks. You can consider any of these. The next thing that you need to understand is that there are many Free MacBooks scams. You need to learn to avoid them, and I’m going to teach you that now.

Avoiding Free MacBook Scams in the Market:

Since, there are a huge number of people willing to have a MacBook desperately, a lot of scammers have come up in the market. Thus, I’m now going to give you some tips about avoiding them.

  • Be cautious of unsolicited emails or pop-up ads claiming to offer free MacBooks or other expensive products.
  • Verify the legitimacy of the website by checking for SSL certificates, professional design, and official contact information.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links, and never provide personal or financial information to unknown sources.
  • Research the company or website offering the free apple MacBook to see if there are any reviews or complaints from other users.
  • Stay updated on common scams by following online security blogs and official announcements from reputable sources.
  • Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is – exercise scepticism and common sense while browsing online.

I urge you to please do these things so that you don’t end up getting into any scams.

Final Words:

Overall, you can get an Free Apple MacBook from a lot of sources that I’ve mentioned above, like by participating in content and away from Apple’s beta testing program or any third party’s beta testing. Other than that, you can also get a MacBook sometimes from any service provider.

However, with all of these methods, it’s not easy to get a free MacBook. So, you’ll have to apply for all of these programs and see which one works the best for you. I’d highly suggest you use Apple’s trade-in program if you have an old working MacBook in good condition. That’s the easiest way. Lastly, please be aware of the scams and protect yourself from them by following the tips I mentioned above.

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